Words and music by Sarah McQuaid

Recorded on If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous (2018),
The St Buryan Sessions (2021)

The tug of the moon 
Is slowing us down 
Drawing the tide 
Buckling the ground 

Little by little as centuries pass 
It stretches our days 
The years growing longer by such small degrees 
We don’t notice the change 

Until noon comes a moment too late 
So we make an adjustment in time 
At the end of the countdown 
Before Auld Lang Syne 

One second to add before midnight 
And then we all cheer 
With tears and with kisses 
We greet the new year 

While the moon passes over us  
Ever more distantly pulling away 
As we turn toward the sunrise 
And night becomes day 

We count up the lengthening hours 
That remain till the end comes too soon 
For an earth spinning under 
The tug of the moon