Sarah enjoys working with other artists as a backing vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player, and has guested on albums including

  • Lawrence Illsley: Trees – Tiny Tree Records, 2021
  • Colin Harper: Sunset Cavaliers – Market Square Records, 2016
  • Wendy Arrowsmith: Life, Love & Chocolate – Wee Dog Records, 2011
  • Fovea HexNeither Speak Nor Remain Silent (also featuring Brian Eno and Robert Fripp amongst others) – Janet Records, 2007
  • Café Orchestra: Topaz – Solid Records, 1996

Thanks in large part to an Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice grant, Sarah is well equipped for remote session recording. She also has access to full mixing and mastering services via her manager and sound engineer, Martin Stansbury of Cacophony Cottage Studio.

Below is a selection of tracks to which she has contributed, followed by an equipment list.

Equipment List

  • Acoustic guitar by Andy Manson Custom Guitars with Elixir Medium Gauge Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Nanoweb strings (.018 substituted for .017 on 2nd string), G7th Newport capo, Fishman Matrix pickup, Trace Elliot TAP-1 Acoustic Preamp
  • Ibanez Artist electric guitar, kindly loaned by Michael Chapman, with Elixir Heavy Gauge Electric Nickel-Plated Steel Nanoweb strings, custom preamp by Tom Oakes of Horrothia FX (Falmouth, Cornwall), Vox AV15 analog valve amp, Mooer Audio Trelicopter tremolo pedal, Donner Yellow Fall analog delay pedal
  • Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage Piano
  • 1970s Premier Olympic floor tom drum, refurbished and maintained by Roger Luxton of Goatboy Studio (Wadebridge, Cornwall)
  • iMac running Logic Pro X, Sibelius Ultimate with NotePerformer
  • Matched pair of Rode NT1-A studio condenser microphones
  • Presonus Studio 1810C audio interface
  • AKAI Professional MIDImix mixing desk/DAW controller
  • Alesis Elevate 5 MKII 80W desktop studio monitor speakers
  • AKG K92 closed back studio headphones