Having caught the music composition bug after being commissioned in 2020 by Lawrence Illsley to write a score for a soon-to-be-released short film featuring a poem from his new book A Brief History of Trees (Live Canon Press), Sarah applied successfully to Arts Council England for a Developing Your Creative Practice grant to augment her skills and equipment in this area.

Thanks to the grant, she was able to purchase up-to-date Sibelius and Logic software plus recording and MIDI equipment (see full list on the Session Work page), and to undertake four months of tutoring in music composition from composer Graham Lynch as well as mentoring from sound engineer Martin Stansbury of Cacophony Cottage Studio and producer/composer Pete Coleman.

She is currently seeking additional grant funding to continue her composition studies with Graham over the coming two years.

Sarah would welcome the opportunity to work on new projects involving scoring and arrangement, and to collaborate with other artists (she recently set a poem by Paul Cookson to music – stay tuned for more news of that to follow!). Below is a score video of her Quintet for flute, alto saxophone, violin, cello and piano. Sincere thanks to Graham, Martin, Pete and ACE for their support and encouragement, which made this piece of music possible.