American Blues Scene - Dave Scott (Jun 2021)

16 June 2021

Single review – The Sun Goes On Rising (The St Buryan Sessions). “Outstanding vocal versatility and power … stunning, intricate guitar accompaniment … Sarah McQuaid is at the apogee of her career, captivating and inspirational, The

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Trust The Doc - Neil March (May 2021)

31 May 2021  

Single review – Rabbit Hills (The St Buryan Sessions). “Shades of Joni Mitchell in a jam with Karen Carpenter and Lana Del Rey ... and there is even a distant echo of Natalie Merchant about the…

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Trust The Doc - Neil March (Apr 2021)

30 April 2021 

Single review – Charlie’s Gone Home (The St Buryan Sessions). “One of the most instantly recognisable voices in current music ... the guitar recalls Joni Mitchell in Hejira/Don Juan’s reckless daughter era (so maybe a little…

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Joyzine - Paul F. Cook

25 April 2021

Single review – Time To Love (The St Buryan Sessions). “It’s a song that makes the world turn a little slower on its axis ... a simple prayer that seems to hold optimism tightly whilst recognising…

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Hot Press (Apr 2021)

23 April 2021

Sarah McQuaid to share St. Buryan Sessions videos ahead of live album release. “For the fifth and sixth singles of ‘The St Buryan Sessions’, McQuaid honours two musical giants, both of whom have produced albums for her…

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American Blues Scene - David Scott (Apr 2021)

6 April 2021 

Single review – Sweetness and Pain (The St Buryan Sessions). “Sarah uses a cappella as a transcendental medium for telling her story of the cycle of life and conveying its meaning with dramatic effect, power and…

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Celtic Life

April 2021

Interview: Sarah McQuaid’s first live recording is magic.... “I felt that the atmosphere of the place itself could supply the magic even though I wouldn’t have an audience in the room .... I think that it’s the best…

Read more - David Harley (Mar 2021)

15 Mar 2021 

Single reviews – Charlie’s Gone Home & The Day Of Wrath, That Day (The St Buryan Sessions). “Because Sarah’s songs and singing are so effective, it’s easy to forget what an outstanding and influential guitarist she…

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American Blues Scene - David Scott (Mar 2021)

15 March 2021 

Single review – The Day Of Wrath, That Day (The St Buryan Sessions). “McQuaid explores a whole new world outside her traditionally acoustic domain to superb effect in this innovative, powerful live version of her own…

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Backseat Mafia - Chris Sawle

15 March 2021

Single review – The Day Of Wrath, That Day (The St Buryan Sessions). “A powerful instrumental composition ... rings out beautifully in the style of the guitar’s owner, maybe bringing a little of Michael’s soul with…

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