16 May 2020

Americana Music Association UK - Members Lockdown Stories. “It is wonderfully heartening to see how the situation has been bringing out the kindness and generosity of so many people, but I worry for the future of all…

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6 February 2020

Concert preview – Sala BBK, Bilbao, Spain. “Aunando la tradición de Irlanda, América y el Reino Unido, su música es sublime y conmovedora, muy definida por su cálida y sedosa voz y por un estilo muy personal…

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Maverick - Trevor Hodgett

May 2019

Live review – Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival. “Sarah McQuaid is an exceptional artist with a notably poetic sensibility, capable of finding metaphorical resonance and profundity in mundane situations…. McQuaid’s songs were deep and serious but never dour.”

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Blues In Britain - Dave Scott

February 2019 

Live review – Rothbury Roots, Queens Head, Rothbury. “Inspirational performance … phenomenal … exceptional power and range ... dark, slow-burning, sizzling … magnificent.”

Sarah McQuaid
Queens Head, Rothbury

Rothbury Roots prides itself in bringing contemporary blues…

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Selected By Guerino - Guerino Giancola

9 July 2018 

Album review – If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous. “If I had to try to summarize in a few lines the strongest feeling that emerges from listening to this beautiful record, I would…

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The Rocker - Stuart Hamilton

7 June 2018 

Album review – If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous. “A gem of a record, rooted in folk but standing on its own, and one that deserves to be widely heard. So get it…

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