Fehmarnsches Tageblatt - Eckhard Kretschmer (Mar 2024)

13 March 2024 

Live review – Mut zur Langsamkeit (The Courage to Go Slow) (English translation follows German original). “Sie modelliert jede Silbe, jedes Wort, jeden Gedanken, jede Emotion mit der enormen Kraft und Spannweite ihrer Stimme. Und diese Stimme…

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People’s Republic of South Devon - Lee Morgan (Jan 2024)

Feature – Sarah McQuaid: winter and spring tour blooms into Devon. “Contemporary folk that wraps around you like a comfortably exhilarating cloak …. She seems like she’s hit the sweet spot of creativity, imagination and freedom. It’s a mischievous, embracing,…

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The Paper - Saydie Bean (Sept 2023)

23 September 2023

Interview – Sarah McQuaid performing at the Burke County Public Library. “‘By the time I get to the Burke County Library on the 2nd of October, I’ll have been on the road here for a full month…

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North Coast Voice - Steve Madewell (Sept 2023)

6 September 2023    

Feature – Pedestrian Ramblings. “Watching Sarah work when she stayed at our house was a real eye-opening experience. … She never stopped, there was no down time, and a few hours before her show, she would…

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Americana UK - Mark Whitfield (Aug 2023)

16 August 2023    

Feature – Sarah McQuaid announces UK dates for the autumn. “Singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid has announced a 23-show autumn UK tour for November plus a high-profile hometown show later this month in West Cornwall, England, where she’s…

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Folk Radio UK (Aug 2023)

15 August 2023    

Feature – Sarah McQuaid announces US & UK tour. “Singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid will kick off a 3-month, 59-show autumn USA and UK tour with high-profile hometown shows in West Cornwall, England, where she’s lived since 2007, and…

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Trust The Doc - Neil March (May 2023)

31 May 2023    

Single review – If We DUB Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous. “Simple but clever, imaginatively arranged and of course it has Sarah’s sparkling, brooding and beautiful voice to round off a great track.”   

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Ross-shire Journal - Margaret Chrystall

12 May 2023 

Interview – Scottish folk hero triggered Sarah McQuaid ditching job for full-time music. “But I suspect none of this would have happened if I had said no to that festival workshop. Thank goodness I felt ‘If…

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The Afterword - Vulpes Vulpes (Apr 2023)

30 April 2023 

Live review – Church of St Philip and St James. “Last night’s gig was another tour-de-force. I can’t remember the last time I saw an artist open their show with an acappella song delivery that hung everything…

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Joyzine - Paul F. Cook (April 2023)

8 April 2023

Single review – “If We DUB Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous.” “The subterranean metaphors and allusions to an impending apocalypse are all enhanced by the dark, brooding soundscape, and Sarah McQuaid’s exceptional voice sits at…

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RTÉ - Behind The Music (2023)

17 January 2023

Interview – Behind The Music. “If there’s one singer I try to emulate, it’s Ella Fitzgerald. I really love the effortless quality of her singing and the way she hits every note bang on even though she’d…

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The Guardian - John Harris

3 August 2022 

Feature – 10 reasons Brexit has been disastrous for Britain. The Guardian's John Harris interviews Sarah about why independent musicians who rely on touring for a living have been hit particularly hard by the new post-Brexit…

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Cornish Times

2 June 2022

Feature – Three Cornwall shows for locally-based international singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid. “I’d urge people, if they’re thinking of coming to any of my gigs, to please buy tickets in advance, because low ticket sales make venues twitchy…

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Irish Music Magazine - Mark Lysaght

May 2022 

Feature – The St Buryan Sessions: Sarah McQuaid. “The results are spectacular, clearly inspired and enriched by the location with its real sense of history and context. ... Here, she hones each song down to its core, with…

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Shire Folk - Kevin T. Ward

16 February 2022

Album review – The St Buryan Sessions. “These hauntingly sensitive and spacious solo renditions offer something memorable and affectingly special; literally, her own ‘soul, flesh and bone’, captured in ‘glass, wood and stone’. Dim the lights…

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