Now Spinning

8 October 2021

Video Interview – Now Spinning Podcast, Episode 5: The Sarah McQuaid Interview. “As you know I spend a lot of time with rock-driven music and then something comes along that completely floors me. The St Buryan Sessions…

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The St Ives Times & Echo

8 October 2021 

Feature – Sarah McQuaid’s new album to be launched in the venue where it was recorded. “Penwith based singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid is releasing her new album, The St Buryan Sessions at a free (donations) benefit concert in…

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Punk News - Video Premiere

6 October 2021

Video Premiere – One Sparrow Down (The St Buryan Sessions). “McQuaid strips the track back to a chilling, sparse Euro-folk track, propelled by a cold, marching percussion. Meanwhile, McQuaid tells a parable that isn't quite as…

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Folk Wales - Mick Tems (Oct 2021)

October 2021

Album review – The St Buryan Sessions. “Sarah has made something magical happen; and Martin has recorded her entrancing and hypnotic set. It all goes to show that in the awful, terrible pandemic, some artistic brilliance can shine…

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Glide Magazine - Video Premiere

1 October 2021

Video premiere – Yellowstone (The St Buryan Sessions). “A song that speaks to our precarious times where it seems there is a disaster around every corner. Inspired by thoughts of her young son many years ago…

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American Blues Scene - Video Premiere

22 September 2021

Video premiere – In Derby Cathedral (The St Buryan Sessions). “I have to admit that I never thought of “In Derby Cathedral” as a blues song, but maybe in a way it is — and having grown…

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Fresh On The Net Fresh Faves - Neil March

20 September 2021

Single review – The Day Of Wrath, That Day (The St Buryan Sessions). “Resonant and expertly picked guitars setting the dark, reflective scene with a mystical, almost oriental-sounding figure that is like a folkier take on The…

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Guitar Girl Magazine - Video Premiere

15 September 2021

Video premiere – What Are We Going To Do (The St Buryan Sessions). “Today, we’re honored to premiere the stunning music video for the track “What Are We Going To Do,” set in the beautiful medieval church…

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Zeitgeist - Stuart Hamilton (Sep 2021)

6 September 2021     

Single review – Last Song (The St Buryan Sessions). “As a taster for what’s coming it certainly does its job and you’d be a fool, nay, a damned fool if you didn’t head over to her…

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16 August 2021

Interview – Independent Music Monday. “I once had an audience member come up to me with a Sarah McLachlan album for me to sign. I had to explain to him that I wasn’t Sarah McLachlan. I told…

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American Blues Scene - Dave Scott (Jun 2021)

16 June 2021

Single review – The Sun Goes On Rising (The St Buryan Sessions). “Outstanding vocal versatility and power … stunning, intricate guitar accompaniment … Sarah McQuaid is at the apogee of her career, captivating and inspirational, The

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Trust The Doc - Neil March (May 2021)

31 May 2021  

Single review – Rabbit Hills (The St Buryan Sessions). “Shades of Joni Mitchell in a jam with Karen Carpenter and Lana Del Rey ... and there is even a distant echo of Natalie Merchant about the…

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