Words and music by Sarah McQuaid

Recorded on Walking Into White (2015), The St Buryan Sessions (2021)

The sweetness of the berry 
Doesn’t take away the pain 
Of the briar when it stabs you 
In the hand 
But the power of your craving 
For the fruit among the thorns 
Is driving you to risk 
Another chance 
Sweetness and pain 
Summer sun and autumn rain

The bramble does not seek to harm 
It merely seeks to live 
It injures without malice 
Or intention 
There’s no question of forgiveness 
No apology, no pardon 
For minor wounds too numerous 
To mention 
Sweetness and pain 
Winter winds return again

Sharp black thorns 
Concealed and smoothed 
By softly falling snow 
Drops of blood 
Like bright red flowers 
This hurt will pass 
Just let it go 
Sweetness and pain 
Shake it off and start again