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24 August 2007 

Album review – When Two Lovers Meet. “Goes straight to the emotional jugular.”


Sarah McQuaid
When Two Lovers Meet

Oh yes, it’s guitar fetish time… I was checking out the RTE Late Session site for the first time in ages and picked one of the shows at random, well not quite… I saw the word guitarist so that was where I decided to start.

Sarah McQuaid is a truly distinctive guitarist, her tone and technique remind me of early Bert Jansch and Tony McManus amongst others. She also has a really warm and interesting day voice into the bargain. “When Two Lovers Meet” is just so understated and delicate that it just goes straight to the emotional jugular and shows cases both her guitar and vocals (the uillean pipes I am not so sure about).

“When Two Lovers Meet” was originally released in 1997 but shortly after Sarah decided to take a break, the album was re-released in Ireland in February 2007. It’s a good album. Make sure you have a listen to Johnny Lad, the way it swings and don’t miss King of the Fairies/The Blackbird, DADGAD tunings and what sounds like a large body Martin (D35?) [D-28, actually, but good guess! – Sarah] and this is so cool. I love the way a really talented guitarist can brighten the day.

I really really really like this music. I look forward to her new album and hope one of the festivals here in Australia will bring her out. Oh if you want to hear the radio show that started this and if you have Real Audio on your PC then stroll over to RTE Late Session -11th March 2007 and check it out. (Remember it’s a radio show so there are the news breaks and a few other interesting bits and pieces in the two hours as well).