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August 2015 

Album review – Walking Into White. “The more we spin this one, the better it sounds.”

Sarah McQuaid - Walking Into White (CD, Waterbug, Pop/folk/rock)
Well now here's one that doesn't sound like all the others. Walking Into White is the fourth full-length release from England's Sarah McQuaid. For this album, Sarah traveled to Cornwall, New York and worked with co-producers Jeremy Backofen and her cousin Adam Pierce. The three week session resulted in this, a unique collection of progressive folk/pop compositions with links to the past and the present. Very much unlike modern commercial artists whose music has no substance or soul, McQuaid's overall sound is moody and remarkably personal. Also very much unlike modern commercial artists, Sarah's voice is exceedingly real. She comes across sounding like a real human being singing real words … rather than someone whose voice has been perfected to pieces by digital processing. Very hard to come up with any comparisons here, as this young lady seems to be coming from her own distinct space. The more we spin this one, the better it sounds. Fourteen smart compositions and they're all rather … magical. Cool reflective cuts include "Low Winter Sun," "Sweetness and Pain," Yellowstone," and "Leave It For Another Day."