Words and music by Sarah McQuaid

Recorded on If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous (2018),
The St Buryan Sessions (2021)

There’s a sparrow at my window 
And he’s spoiling for a fight 
He’s attacking his reflection 
And he’s puffing out with pride 
He doesn’t see the cat who’s watching 
From the windowsill inside 

She stares at him intently 
With her gorgeous golden eyes 
While he flaps and struts and chatters 
In a futile exercise 
He can’t banish the invader 
Through he tries and tries and tries 

He could have built himself a nest 
Instead of battling the stranger 
But the image in the windowpane 
Is all that seems to matter 
It’s his enemy and nemesis 
To hate and fear forever 

The cat is plump and glossy 
She’s prepared to bide her time 
Until the sparrow falls exhausted 
To the ground 
And then she stands 
And stretches out her back 
And takes herself outside 
She pads across the grass to find him 
And she never makes a sound 
One sparrow down