Update – May 2011

It’s been a very, very busy year thus far – I’ve been touring pretty much nonstop since the end of January, with brief forays home now and again to remind my husband and children who I am, and I won’t get much of any respite until the end of June.

I’m on the road – literally – as I type this, somewhere in Ohio on my way to a gig in Kirtland, near Cleveland. Having acquired a mobile wifi device and a sunshade for my laptop (not needed in today’s rainy weather, but essential on brighter days), I’m now able to catch up with emails and other admin work while Martin does the driving.

After the final date of this US tour, on May 24th (see all the remaining dates at right), I’ll be spending a week in Nashville, working on material for my new album, then heading down to Kerrville, TX to catch a bit of the festival there before I fly back to the UK on the 7th of June.

After that, I’ll have just five nights at home (including a festival gig in Helston, just up the road from where I live) before flying to Ireland on the 12th of June, where I’ll be doing the final recording and mixing work on my new album from the 12th to the 25th.

Speaking of which, I’m looking for a major sponsor to help me with the recording and production costs. If you know of either a business or an individual who might be interested in supporting this project, please do pass on their contact details!

Hope to see you at a gig down the road ....