Update – March 2013

Sarah writes ...
Once again I must apologise for leaving it so long since the last newsletter and also for falling behind on the Tour Diary! Plus ça change .... I’ll try very hard to keep up with both from here on out, but had better refrain from making any promises. Just in case.

Following an action-packed autumn that saw me touring like crazy in the US and UK, I’ve had a very nice three months at home with my husband and kids, doing family stuff and catching up with the admin backlog. My biggest achievement was getting up to date with my accounts for the first time in nearly ten years!

Now I’m heading out on the road again for a three-week tour in the Netherlands and Germany, to be followed in April by a brief tour in Ireland which in turn will be followed by a longer UK tour in May. I’m particularly looking forward to a series of four gigs at the start of May that I’ll be doing in the round with fellow songwriters Bill Adair and Richard Grainger – should be fun! 

I’m pleased to report that The Plum Tree and The Rose finished out the year in the top 20 of both the FolkDJ and Euro Americana charts for the year 2012, as well as making it onto “Best of 2012” lists on both sides of the pond – see the various entries below for all the details. Do keep an eye on the aforementioned Tour Diary for photos and stories from the road in the months to come, and if you can make it to one of the shows it would be great to see you there!