Update – February 2012

Lots has happened since my last installment! I’m very happy and excited to be able to announce that I’ve been signed to the US-based Waterbug Records label, which will be releasing my new album The Plum Tree and the Rose on March 5th. And if you pre-order the album between now and the 26th of February, I’ll send you a code that you can use straightaway to download a 3-track single featuring two songs from the album (“The Sun Goes On Rising,” co-written by myself and Gerry O’Beirne, and a cover of John Martyn’s “Solid Air”) plus a bonus guitar instrumental that doesn’t appear on the album and is only available as a download – a DADGAD guitar arrangement of a 16th century lute piece.

I’m just coming to the end of a wonderful three-month break at home (much needed after all the touring I did last year), and gearing up to go back out on the road again. I’ll be spending most of the month of March in continental Europe, then heading to Ireland in April, the UK in May, doing a few festivals over the summer and then touring the USA in September and October, finishing off with another UK tour in November.

Keep an eye on the Tour Diary for photos and stories from the road in the months to come, and if you can make it to a gig it would be great to see you there!