Songbook & Sheet Music Downloads

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks! I’ve had a bunch of enquiries over the years about the possibility of a “Sarah McQuaid Songbook”, and I always said I’d get around to it one of these days. Now I’m finally getting around to it — with the added benefit that I can also provide my Patreon supporters with PDF sheet music downloads to go with the “How To Play ....” and “Story Behind The Song” videos I’m making for them, including DADGAD chord diagrams and tablature as well as (at the suggestion of one of my Patreon followers — thank you, Andy!) a “lead sheet” showing standard-tuning chords for those who don’t fancy trying DADGAD or who play keyboards or some other instrument besides guitar. Thanks so much to Guitar Pro by Arobas Music for the software that’s enabled me to do this! Now I just have to record the next set of videos — and since I don’t seem to have a video of “The Tide” (which is the featured song this time round) already on my YouTube channel, I’ll also make a public “Live From Home” video of the full song to add to the channel. Stay tuned ... and please do think about joining me on Patreon for as little as £1/$1/€1 a month, or more if you can manage it — it’s a great way of staying in touch and making it possible for me to keep doing what I do!