Singin’ in the rain ... in Cornwall

Hello there. The family and I are now installed in our new home in Cornwall, and the weather is making us feel right at home. I think there’s been at least some rain on every day of the four weeks we’ve been here thus far. We are still neck deep in boxes that need to be unpacked, but it’ll all get done eventually, and things seem to be working themselves out in the most unexpected ways.

For example, the movers managed to rip a chunk of wood off the piano (just trim, nothing that has anything to do with the production of sound, thank heavens) – and the absence of that particular chunk of wood enables said piano to slide with nary a millimetre to spare into the alcove we had earmarked for it. I guess it’ll be staying off, then.

When Two Lovers Meet is being released here in the UK tomorrow, 30 July, with distribution through Proper Records – click here for details! I’ve been doing a few interviews to promote it – had a lovely chat with Robbie Shepherd of BBC Radio Scotland today, and with Mike Ganley of Radio Britfolk earlier in the week. I also spoke with Sharon Ní Chonchuir of The Irish Post for a profile that should be appearing in their new entertainment supplement sometime soon. And Gerry (O’Beirne) and Trevor (Hutchinson) are going to be doing the final mixdown of my new album (recorded last May) in Dublin next weekend. I won’t be there, obviously, but am confident that they’ll do a much better job without me hanging about and annoying them with silly questions.

There are lots of gigs in the pipeline now, including a just-confirmed appearance at the Return To Camden Town festival in London, about which I’m very chuffed! See the CALENDAR page for a full list. All the best until next time ...