New Keyboard thanks to Cultivator Grant

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that thanks to a very generous Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator, part of the umbrella organisation Creative Kernow (which in turn is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Cornwall Council, Arts Council England and H.M. Government) — plus a little help from the very kind people at  Korg UK — I now have a keyboard of my very own, and what a beauty it is: a Korg SV2 Stage Vintage Piano with a real live tube valve for that authentic vintage keyboard sound. Huge thanks to the wonderful Ralph Houston for letting me borrow his lovely Roland for the past few years — I’m sure he’ll be delighted to know that it won’t be bumping around the country in the back of a van any more (not that it’s been doing much of that lately anyway!). Also it looks like next month I might actually have a real live gig to play it at — stay tuned for more news about that soon!