New album now available!

The big news for today is that my new album, I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning – with a 24-page (!) booklet including original cover artwork by the lovely and talented Mary Guinan – is now available to friends and supporters in advance of the 20 October release date. You can listen to a selection of tracks on the MUSIC page – or just go straight to the BUY page if you’re already sure you want it!

I’m doing a once-off “early bird” deal for anyone who buys the CD directly from my website in the month of its release. Both I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning and its predecessor can from 1-31 October only be purchased here for the discounted price of Stg £10.00 – including postage to wherever you happen to be, whether that’s Devon, Dublin or Dakar! And if you’d like me to sign the CD with a personal note to you or whoever the intended recipient is, I’ll be delighted and honoured to do so. Christmas is coming ... think stocking stuffers ... and apologies for this foray into blatant commercialism, which I promise will be brief. From the release date on, the CD will be available through the usual outlets of CD Baby, the Proper Music Store on Amazon, and your local record shop (distributed by Proper in the UK, EMD in Ireland and Super D worldwide including the USA). To take advantage of this offer, just click here.

On the 12th of September, Zoë Young and I played our debut gig as the band Mama, with special guests Jarvis and Tiffany of the Rosemarie Band, at the St Ives Theatre as part of the St Ives September Festival. The evening was a resounding success, apart from my purse being stolen from the dressing room while we were on stage; it was later recovered from the toilets, minus cash but with cards still present, thank heavens. Artists and punters alike take note: if it’s not locked, it’s not secure. We’re now proud to announce the launch of Mama on the web at both and Do pay us a visit when you have time, and sign up to the mailing list there if you’d like to be kept apprised of Mama news, including the release of our debut CD at the end of November.

I have a fairly full gig schedule in the coming months, and there have been a number of changes in the last few days, so please refer to the updated version on the CALENDAR page. Among the latest additions is a double bill in January with Linde Nijland, a wonderful Dutch singer I met on one of my early forays to Holland. From now until the beginning of December, Linde and her partner (musical and otherwise) Bert Ridderbos are on an amazing-sounding road trip to Bhutan, with plenty of music along the way – keep an eye on for all the latest news of their journey! Many thanks for your support – do keep in touch, and feel free to leave comments on either the GUESTBOOK page here or at (or both!) if the spirit moves you.