80 Plays For Bert, Volume 1

I’m deeply honoured to be part of 80 Plays For Bert, Volume 1, a fantastic new compilation album that’s now available to purchase for download via Bandcamp, curated by Sam Grassie for the Bert Jansch Foundation’s Around The World in 80 Plays project. Huge thanks to Sam and to the Foundation’s Geraldine Auerbach for all their kindness and support, as well as to the wonderful Martin Stansbury of Cacophony Cottage who recorded my contribution (“When A Man’s In Love”) live in St Buryan Church. Other artists featured on the album include Sam, Dariush Kanani, Charlie McKeon, Robin Adams, John Chandler, Avocet, Ben Walker, Campbell Baum, Naima Bock, Avice Caro, Johnson Hogg and Mike Walker. Check it out here:


And here’s a screenshot of (and link to) my page on the project website, where you can watch the original video Martin and I made for it: