Words and music by Sarah McQuaid

Recorded on The Plum Tree and The Rose (2012)

Oh my pretty little bird  
You’ve got fragile little bones 
The beauty in your eyes 
Leaves me terrified 

So much danger in this world 
I’m scared to let you out alone 
Scared to let you spread your baby wings 
And take to flight 

But though my belly made you 
I can’t hold you, I can’t cage you 
I can’t lay my fears to rest 
But I can try 
To lift you up and let you fly 
Let you fly 

Since the day you were born 
I’ve tried to keep you from harm 
Tried to teach you to protect yourself 
From evil things 

As you set out on your way 
There’s so much more I want to say 
Before you flutter to the edge 
And start to beat your wings 

But I know that I can’t save you 
From whatever fate awaits you 
Be it bitterness or joy 
And I will try 
To lift you up and let you fly 
Let you fly 

And if your feathers fail you 
I’ll try to catch you as you fall 
But when I set you free 
And you fly away from me 
I know you might not come back at all  

Lift you up and let you fly 
Let you fly 
Let you fly 

Sweet bird I love you so 
Can’t bear to let you go 
Little girl of mine 
It’s hard but I will try 
To let you fly