The latest

Hello again. My recent interviews with Pat Kenny, Aine Hensey and Charlie McGettigan are all up on the website now – just go to the PRESS page and click on “Listen to radio interviews”. If you’ve already had a look there, you might have heard a version of the Charlie McGettigan interview that had a bit of distortion on it. However, Charlie being the true gent that he is, he’s just sent me a replacement sound file that’s crystal clear and has now been uploaded to replace the old one. Thanks, Charlie!

Just a few days to go until my television debut (gulp!) next Tuesday, 3 April. If you can manage to stay up until the last few moments of The View, John Kelly's late-night chat show on RTÉ 1, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of yours truly playing the title track from When Two Lovers Meet behind the closing credits of the show, which airs at 11pm GMT. You can also watch the clip for a week afterwards on

And for what it’s worth, the day before yesterday I wrote a song for the first time since 1998. It’s too early to know whether it’s any good or not, but a big relief to have that particular dry spell come to an end.

A few more gigs have been added to the CALENDAR page – notably, the good people at the Bridge Tavern in Wicklow Town (where I had a most enjoyable gig last week – nice pub, lovely relaxed crowd) have asked me to come back for three return dates in April, May and June, so I guess they must have liked me. I must say that the response I’ve had since my return to the music scene continues to amaze me. If I’d had any inkling that it would be this good, I wouldn’t have waited ten years to get the album out there! I honestly thought that there couldn't be any market for the kind of stuff I do, so it’s astonishing and wonderful to discover that there is.

We’re pushing on with plans to move over to Cornwall in July, despite having had no bites on our house here in Ireland. If anybody out there knows anyone who might be interested in a four-bedroom semi-D in Ballycanew, please do send them my way. It’s a nice house, really it is. You can even check it out on the web – here's the link: Until next time!