Sarah plays DJ again! This time on WAYO 104.3FM Rochester

On 7 October I got to play DJ again and curate a whole two-hour radio show, thanks to host Brian Sek of Introvert Extract on WAYO 104.3FM in Rochester, New York! Listen back here (or use the player below) to hear what I had to say about tracks by Lawrence Illsley, Hungrytown, Dayna Kurtz, Michael Chapman, Gerry O’Beirne, Mice Parade, Tom Brosseau, Louise Mosrie, Raina Rose, Jonathan Byrd, Carrie Elkin, Danny Schmidt, Devon Sproule, Jeni Hankins, Sofia Talvik, Rachel Taylor-Beales, Helefonix, Soricah, With Sun, Project Blackbird and Asha McCarthy as well as a few by yours truly! Also, while I have your attention, don’t forget that my new album is still available to pre-order ahead of its release next week and the start of my 6-week album launch tour!