The Musician - Keith Ames

March 2015 

Album review – Walking Into White. “A work that grows with each listen.”


Walking Into White

Taking her inspiration from sources including classic children’s tale Swallows & Amazons, Sarah builds upon her back catalogue to spin a web of acoustic magic.

Sarah’s fourth album of acoustic and folk-tinged intensity has been produced by Stateside producers Jeremy Backofen and her cousin Adam Pierce. Their drive to enthuse the recording with an enhanced intimacy and emotional impact certainly pays off.

Using a number of unorthodox recording methods, such as a mini-cassette recorder mounted on a microphone stand, the team has created a complete piece and a series of outstanding tracks including Yellowstone, about a boy’s obsession with volcanic apocalypse, which benefits from wonderful Spanish guitar solo interludes. Low Winter Sun, meanwhile -- with its pealing bell effects and chiming strings -- hints of winter chill, yet there is a warmth and positivity emanating from Sarah’s vocals and the ensemble playing. A work that grows with each listen.