Ten Burning Questions - Terry Lander

20 March 2017 

Interview. Sarah answers “Ten Burning Questions” from Coast FM DJ Terry Lander.


Ten Burning Questions: Sarah McQuaid
1. You make it round to my house. I have every hot beverage in the known world on offer. What do you choose?
Coffee, black, no sugar. But it has to be good coffee. The trouble with drinking one’s coffee black with no sugar is that if it’s not good it’s completely undrinkable.

2. I’ve been made the Emperor of the world. The first thing I do is ban cricket. How do you feel about this?
I’m not a cricket fan, but I’m very cross with you for using your absolute power to ban something as harmless as cricket. Surely you can do better than that!

3. You’re offered the perfect job but there’s a big catch – for instance, I’d like to star in a Hollywood film but I’d have to do plenty of underwater shots. What’s the job and what’s the catch?
I kind of feel like I have the perfect job right now, in that I’m my own boss and I’m doing what I love. The catch is that I have to try to think of clever, humorous answers for questionnaires like this one! Arrrghh!

4. The person you hate the most is living in an area that’s about to be affected by nuclear fallout. Do you phone to warn them?
Can I email to warn them instead? Or text, even. I really, really, really hate making phone calls.

5. With great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately you’ve been born with mediocre superpowers. Who are you?
Sock-Pairing-Woman! I can sort out a tangle of socks in under two minutes, even if they’re all black.

6. It’s celebrity party time. On the guest list are Jedward, the Cheeky Girls and the Chuckle brothers. Who do you invite to be your pseudo-sibling?
People keep telling me I look like Carly Simon. I can’t see the resemblance myself, but she’s a brilliant singer and songwriter and I’d like to meet her anyway, so what the heck.

7. An invitation comes through from NASA; you’ve got the chance to be the first person on Mars. Would you take a year away from everyone and everything to oblige?
Hell, no. I find flights hard enough to cope with, whatever about space travel.

8. There’s no appealing, you have to do a reality TV show. Which one would you do?
We got rid of our television back in 2003, so I’m kind of out of touch with the whole reality TV thing. However, I’ve just gone on Wikipedia to read up about the subject and I see that there’s an Australian programme called “Renovation Rescue” in which a team of tradespeople shows up at your house and renovates it in two days. That sounds ok to me.

9. You’re given the chance of a perfect Sunday. Bearing in mind cricket is banned, what do you do?
When I’m not away on tour, I normally spend my Sundays rushing around trying to get stuff done that I’ve been putting off all week to do on Sunday. Sometimes I think it would be nice to spend the day lying on the sofa, reading and listening to music instead. But I’ve never actually tried doing that, so maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I think I would.

10. In my house it’s Christmas every week. You’re given a book, a film and an album. What are they?
Gosh. That’s a tough one. I take it this means I get the same book, film and album every week? So they have to be ones I’d want to read/see/listen to again and again. In which case let’s make the book “The Wind In The Willows”, the film “This Is Spinal Tap” and the album Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”.