- Johanna B. Bodde

18 January 2015 

Album review – Walking Into White. “A combination of seasoned craft and innovative ideas, while the lyrics read like poetry.”

Sarah McQuaid
Walking Into White

It happens sometimes, that I’m a bit overwhelmed after listening to a new record, absorbing and trying to understand all the music and subsequent information that was given to me. One of these moments where I ask myself: “Who am I, to review a great album like this?” After all, I myself can’t even play a guitar.

I wasn’t familiar with Sarah’s work, it was first introduced to me by former fellow DJ Peter van Zeijl, who has impeccable taste when it comes to classy female (alternative) folk singers! Sarah is not only a very smart songwriter, but also a brilliant guitarist and she has a rich, strangely compelling, warm voice. This is an ambitious one-of-a kind project, that she pulled off very professionally. A combination of seasoned craft and innovative ideas, while the lyrics read like poetry. I just love the charming idea to use children’s books as source of inspiration. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” - when I first started listening to the radio, Roberta Flack’s version was a major hit, so this recording rekindles a fond memory.

Last but not least: every album ought to be made like this, with a beautiful lay-out and an lavishly illustrated booklet with all the information a person can possibly think of. Highly recommended, music lovers, you will be just as impressed as I am, guaranteed!