Remaining Euro tour dates cancelled

Sarah writes:

Sadly, tonight’s concert at Zimmer 16 in Berlin will now be the final show of what should have been a 5-week tour finishing at the end of this month. Having received cancellation emails today from 4 of the remaining 11 concerts, including tomorrow’s concert, I’ve had to take the incredibly difficult decision to cut my losses and return to the UK this weekend. I apologise with all my heart to everyone I’ve let down by doing this, especially my wonderful manager and sound engineer Martin Stansbury who’s now lost 3 weeks of work that he was counting on. I know that so many musicians and other self employed people are in the same situation or worse, and it breaks my heart. If anyone out there feels like buying a CD or LP or T-shirt (not just from me but from any musician whose work you admire) or making a donation (again, to anyone, not just me — we’re all suffering), now would be a good time to do it.